Web Wireframing Software

Web Wireframing Software . . .

Web Wireframing Software . . .

OK, so the last few days I have been sucked into researching new webpage mockup software to help myself and my team develop in a more collaborative and low-fi manner.

I have narrowed down the search so far to:

I would have liked to just used Pencil, but it is not Firefox 4.0 ready yet and it does lack a few of the features I like from the other two.  I will update this blog as I try them out and let you know which one I end up going with.

I do recommend looking at this great post (23 Best User Interface Design/Website Wireframing Tools with Features and Comparison) thought to get a list of all the different packages out there.  Also a lot of them are free to use as well so give them a shot.



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